Welcome to Serralleria March, our blacksmith located in Argentona, Maresme! Here, in the heart of the region, is the essence of Catalan blacksmithing, a tradition that has endured over the years and has become a benchmark in the art of forging. If you're looking for blacksmithing and locksmith services, you've come to the right place!

Discovering our Artistic Blacksmith in Argentona

Since the beginning of the Serralleria March workshop in 1903, our work has always been linked to the image of the city of Mataró and the Maresme region. The pieces that have come out of our workshop are a reflection of artistic blacksmithing in the heritage of the city and the region. But what makes our blacksmith so special? It is the combination of traditional techniques with modern innovations, passion for details and commitment to excellence. Each piece we create in our Serralleria Artística in Argentona is a work of art in itself, designed to capture the essence of Catalan tradition and at the same time, offer something new and exciting. In our blacksmith shop near Barcelona, ​​in El Maresme, we are proud to be part of this rich tradition and to take it to new horizons.

At Serralleria March, we are more than just locksmiths. Over the years, we have worked in all styles, techniques and facets of forging. From intricate designs for doors and windows to majestic structures for historic buildings, our experience spans a wide range of projects. But what really sets us apart is our approach to personalized advice. We understand that every client is unique, which is why we take the time to understand your needs and visions before starting any project. Our goal is to ensure that each piece is not only beautiful, but also reflects your personality and style.

Legacy, a lineage of blacksmiths

The history of Serralleria March is one of passion, dedication and a deep respect for the art of forging. Since the beginning of the workshop, over the course of four generations, the techniques and knowledge have been transmitted, evolving and adapting to modern times. Our works with their own character are a benchmark of artistic blacksmithing in the region and are part of the history and heritage of the city of Mataró and the Maresme area. We specialize in the rehabilitation of parts, maintenance and, of course, in carrying on the legacy of forgers who preceded us. Our commitment is to keep this tradition alive, ensuring that future generations can appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of Catalan forge.

At Serralleria March, we are part of the AFOC, Associació de Forjadors de Catalunya, and through our participation in the main fairs and meetings of blacksmiths that take place in the country, we divulge and make our trade known. But our mission goes beyond simply creating beautiful pieces. We want to educate the public about the importance and value of the art of blacksmithing, share our passion and ensure that this ancestral craft continues to thrive in the future. Whether through workshops, demonstrations or collaborations with schools and communities, we are committed to keeping the forge's flame alive in Catalonia and beyond.